Greg Gulden Vice President

Greg Gulden has built an impressive base of insulation, air barrier and firestopping knowledge over the past 22 years. He readily shares that expertise with project managers and architects who are trying to overcome design issues or resolve project concerns. Greg’s approach to projects is based on “doing it right the first time”.

Greg enjoys building relationships as the primary sales person and manager of field operations. He proactively and collaboratively addresses any concerns that arise in the field. Greg ensures that installations meet the quality expectations.

Greg is a 3M certified installer of proper installation procedures for Penetration Seal, Through Penetration, Flexible Wraps and Construction Joints.

When not working, Greg enjoys spending time with family and friends at the cabin, on a hunting trip, or a fishing excursion. He also spends time working with national conservation organizations. He currently sits on a committee for the Delta Waterfowl Association.

Greg can be reached at 763.244.2291.

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