AWC Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament

Tom Stoeckel spent the afternoon with the Brin Crew, Elias, Scott, and Christina at the Association of Women Contractor’s Annual Scholarship Golf Tournament where all net proceeds go to the Scholarship Program!  Homeco Insulation supported the event as a Silver Sponsor.

Golf Event with Delta Waterfowl

John Hansen, along with our suppliers from Knauf, BASF, and ASDCO spent the afternoon raising money for Delta Waterfowl, Marsh Madness Chapter at the Wild Marsh Golf Course in Buffalo, MN.

Applewood Pointe, Roseville

I just had to showcase the excellent work of Craig in this photo showing the corridor insulation he just installed.  His attention to detail is amazing.  If my father, Rick Anderson, were alive he would have said, “that’s art!”  And, I agree!  Well done Craig, I’m proud to have you on our team!

2017 AEON’s Beyond Bricks & Mortar

Greg and Donna Gulden shared a table with Bob Faulkner of Frerichs Construction who was the Platinum Sponsor of AEON’s Beyond Bricks & Mortar fundraiser.  Also joining us was Tony Lucia of APi Distribution who has joined us for this event for the last few years along with other partners of the Frerichs Team.  And…

Smoke Seal at 1919 University

Work continues at the 1919 University Project.  We are currently installing the FireDam smoke seal to our fire safing between our curtain wall assembly and the slab edge. Typically the curtain wall assembly would continue above the floor line, but sometimes the vision goes right to the floor as shown.  Great work Roy & Juan!   

Waterproof Membrane at TCO

The Homeco Team spent the day applying Mel-Rol Sheet Membrane at the elevator pit of the Vadnais Heights TCO.  Shown in the photo installing is Juan and Travis.  The building will be a 20,000-square-foot medical office building near a sports facility.

Random poser at TCO!

While taking photos of Homeco’s work, hilarious, random brick-layer-guy jumped into the scene TMZ style for the photo shoot!  Who’s says you can’t have fun while working!  Greg was able to interview him as well, he asked him “looks like you’ve done this before” to which random guy replied, “Yea, I used to model more when…

Spray Foam Begins at Treasure Island Center

After a few days of planning and mobilization our SPF Team began spraying foam at the Treasure Island Center.  Once the first layer of foam has cured, we will then spray a fire-rated foam over it  This final layer acts as a thermal barrier.  Shown in the photo is Moe, one of our awesome sprayers, who takes great care in his application.   

Homeco selected for Treasure Island Center

Homeco Insulation, Inc. was selected to install over 200,000 square feet of closed-cell spray polyurethane foam covered with a thermal barrier at the Treasure Island Center.  In 2014, the Saint Paul Port Authority purchased the property for $3 million for redevelopment.  Then they invested an additional $5.5 million to prepare the building for redevelopment, including the…

Field Trip!

Today Mary and Meghan were escorted by Greg on a field trip to get more familiar with what Homeco does and how our incredible crews do it.  First photo shows them visiting Luke, who was so surprised to see them, at the Central Park West Project where they observed the installation of batt and blown-in insulation.  The second is shown with…