Homeco & Industrial Coatings Join Forces


Homeco Insulation Inc. is very excited to announce the acquisition of Industrial Coatings.  Together, focusing on our core values we look forward to continued success performing our expanded list of service offerings and building on our current valued partnerships.

Did you know as part of our acquisition of Industrial Coatings we can now spray acoustical insulation and thermal barriers?

K-13 is an excellent acoustical insulation with noise reduction coefficients up to 1.00 and it also has a Class 1, Class A Fire Rating per ASTM E-84.  This product is high in recycled content and comes in many colors to suit your needs.  K-13 along with SonaSpray and Ure-K are widely used in educational, hospitality, and sports facilities.

Please join us in welcoming the team from Industrial Coatings into the Homeco Insulation Family!



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