New BASF spray polyurethane foam EPA certification


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BASF spray polyurethane foam obtains EPA Seal & Insulate with ENERGY STAR® program certification

HOUSTON, TX, December 19, 2014 –  BASF’s spray polyurethane foam  achieved Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Seal & Insulate certification from the International Code Council Evaluation Service (ICC-ES) with ENERGY STAR.  This EPA residential program certification highlights products for their energy efficiency and construction.

“Securing a ‘Seal & Insulate’ Certification from ICC-ES and the U.S. EPA is yet another demonstration of BASF’s commitment to residential energy efficiency and building safety.  We provide high quality products that achieve multiple, independent performance requirements,” said Eric Banks, BASF Technical Specialist – Testing, Approvals & Certifications. “We are proud that the EPA recognizes the performance of our spray polyurethane foam insulation, under the ENERGY STAR program.  The Seal & Insulate certification confirms the value our products bring to creating more comfortable, energy efficient homes.”

The EPA Seal & Insulate Program require independent, third-party testing and certification by technical evaluation providers such as ICC-ES. Certification addresses thermal resistance and surface-burning characteristics that establishes compliance with the International Residential Code (IRC) and the IECC International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) requirements.

ENERGY STAR certification requires manufacturers to provide installation instructions and application diagrams. The program applies to insulation intended for use in whole wall, ceiling, roof deck and floor systems sold in the United States.

Information regarding Seal & Insulate with ENERGY STAR can be found at

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